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The Typica is a variety of coffee that has become iconic throughout the world for its fruity aromas, its hint of acidity and its slightly bitter cup.


This bean comes straight from the Finca La Lomita, owned by Alfredo Andrade. Coming from a family of producers, Alfredo chose to follow his father's path by becoming a coffee producer himself with the ambition of offering quality coffee, from selective harvesting to the drying of the beans. Alfredo has also taken the step of an agriculture concerned with respecting natural balances by using only organic products and methods.

Farm: Finca la Lomita, Merida Venezuela
Owner: Alfredo Andrade
Altitude: 1700 - 1800m
Varieties: Typica Criollo
Process: Washed
Harvest: October to December

Medium roast - Balanced coffee - To be enjoyed in espresso or in an Italian coffee maker.