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Hacienda Cocollar - Venezuela

Hacienda Cocollar





Caripe is one of the oldest coffee producing regions in Venezuela. La Hacienda Cocollar is nestled in the green mountains of the idyllic valley of El Guácharo National Park. The altitude there is ideal for coffee production given the latitude (10º 10′ 9″), similar to that of Costa Rica and Panama, where an adequate climate is obtained thanks to the southern location of Ecuador. These conditions have also allowed the region to produce its world-famous cocoa.

The road to access the Hacienda Cocollar offers a succession of landscapes, each more surprising than the other, to finally lead to 250 hectares of land dotted with banana trees and other fruit trees offering sufficient shade to the many coffee trees.

The original register of the Hacienda Cocollar tells that Doña Concepción Albornett de Avila received as a gift from her husband, Don Jesús Avila, a plantation gathering more than 10,000 coffee plants. Two generations later, more than 100,000 coffee trees produce Venezuelan criollo beans.

Today, Hacienda Cocollar has been owned by the Avila family for over 50 years and has seen three generations watch over this agricultural paradise. Carlos César Avila, current owner, is supported by an incredible team who, every day, work to perpetuate the quality of their beans while improving production techniques.

Finca San German - Colombia

Finca San German





Finca San German is run by coffee farmer Luz Andrea Cabrera Lopez. The Cabrera family has been in the coffee business for 4 generations and has owned its own coffee brand “De Cabreras Coffee” for 63 years. Luz Andrea has been immersed in the industry since her childhood and naturally turned to coffee production in addition to working as a barista.

As a coffee farmer running her own farm, Luz Andrea is part of the “ Mujeres Cafeteras Huila ” program.

Las Chicas is a Supremo bean washed and harvested by hand at an altitude of 1550 meters in the mountains of Gigante and which offers generous notes combining blackberry and chocolate.

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